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  The most inspiring sensory integration  

Multisensory environments (MSE) provide a safe atmosphere for a comfortable and rewarding sensory integration experience which provides self-confidence. This innovative therapy approach focuses on relaxed and controlled activities to create a versatile area to stimulate and inspire positive sensations, reactivate or develop sensory integration, improve some physical and social skills, encourage communication and interaction, and develop body awareness.

We are glad to introduce a comprehensive MSE design and implementation service, which will be custom made to fit your needs and budget. Each multi sensory environment is unique, and it should be planned and executed according to the specific needs of patients and caregivers. We will help you find a theme concept for your MSE room and design a white / dark, passive, active, interactive or mixed space that is just perfect for you. Contact us for a free design consultation on a tailored solution or you can conveniently buy accessories from our online MSE aStore to enhance or complete your own setting.

Please note that bubble columns, fiber optics and softplay products are not stock items, they all are custom made to your specifications and are not sold online. Please contact us for a quote and/or to order any of these.


Multisensory Environments were first developed by a team of young Dutch therapists: Niels Snoek, Rain Staps and Klaas Schenk. They worked at the relaxation department of the Haarendael Institute in Holland where they created activities to stimulate perception, hearing, taste, feeling and smell in extraordinary ways. They called it "snoeselen or snoeselarea" (with S). After an experimental period, their success was made public in a series of lectures. Years later the researchers and therapists Ad Verheul and Jan Hulsegge published a book called "Snoezelen, another world" based on their own experiences when they tested the multisensory therapy on severely challenged people. They redefined the term into "Snoezelen" (with Z) as a neologism from the words “snuffeln” (to sniff, to snuffle) and “doezelen” (to doze, to snooze).

Many institutions started to adopt this approach. A few years later "Snoezelen" became a trademark of a British company that marketed the required equipment. The term is still being used to define this kind of therapy, the areas, associations and researchers involved with this kind of therapy. However, the preferred term for other manufacturers and providers to avoid confusion with that trademark is Multisensory Environments, Multi-Sensory Rooms or "Snoezeln" (without the last e). Many variations of MSE rooms have been developed over the years: white rooms, dark rooms, sound rooms, water rooms, Multi-sensory outdoor gardens, etc.

multisensory room
  Fiber optics cascades  

One of the most amazing elements of a multi sensory environment are fiber optics strands. Sideglow fibers can be safely touched and explored while colours are constantly changing for a stimulating and relaxing visual and tactile experience.

These fiberoptics strands can be arranged in a variety of ways: cascades, courtains, inside a padded box, where people can be close to them to play and explore.

 Fiber optics SK_sg100
100 strands natural side glow fiber optics 2 m long
Light source with 4 colours and remote control

Price: $1,990 .00 NZD
+ shipping & handling

To order, please contact our sales representatives
Price, specifications and dimensions are indicative only and subject to change at any time.  
Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery  
fiber optics
fiber optics cascade
  Bubble columns  

Bubble columns provide a combined visual, tactile and auditive relaxing experience. Stimulating sensations are created by the gentle vibration and soft sound of rising air bubbles, which produce a constantly moving bright light effect.

A manual controller can be used to change the overall colour : red, green, blue and natural white; or it can be made with a single colour. The padded base can be custom build to different shapes and upholstered in a variety of colours. Extra rings can be moulded into the bubble pillar to provide additional proprioceptive stimuli. Contact us to ask about on site installation.

 Bubble columns SK_bt180
5” diameter acrylic bubbles column 180 cm height on MDF wooden upholstered padded base. 4 colours manual switch controller: red, green, blue, white.

Price: $2,290 .00 NZD
+ shipping & handling

To order, please contact our sales representatives  
Price, specifications and dimensions are indicative only and subject to change at any time.  
Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery  

bubble column

Ball pools and other soft play elements are used to stimulate proprioception, vestibular function and motor coordination. Simple activities like climbing, rolling, jumping or sliding on this lightweight shapes are not only helpful on developing physical and social skills throughout interaction with others, they also provide relaxation and leisure.

Our soft play elements are
waterproof covered and long lasting. They can be customized to suit your needs. Ask one our representatives about ball pits, matts, tunnels, wedges, tubes, ramps, or any other softplay shapes.

Ball pools, matts, wedges, cubes, tunnels, ramps, etc.
 To order, please contact our sales representatives
* plus shipping & handling
 Price, specifications and dimensions are indicative only and subject to change at any time.  
 Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery  
  Special Kiwis' MSE aStore  
  Please note that this aStore is powered by amazon and all prices are in US dollars  
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